Wiebetech Encryptor, AES256

Encryptor, AES256

In-line SATA hard drive encryption

    • Connects directly to bare drives
    • AES 256-bit encryption compatible with other CRU encrypted products
    • Physical key provides security
    • Excellent companion to Ditto or UltraDock v5

Overview Wiebetech Encryptor, AES256

In-line SATA encryption
Data is encrypted in real time, in hardware, completely independant of the operating system. A physical key (dongle) is used to encrypt, decrypt, and grant access. Only those with the correct key may access the contents of a drive encrypted with Encryptor.

Benefits of our key-based hardware approach to encryption:

  • Independant from the OS
  • Hardware encrypted in real time
  • No passwords to be guessed
  • 100% of the drive is encrypted (including information such as file allocation tables)
  • More secure and faster than software methods
  • AES 256 is recognized by the government. It's so strong that there are restrictions to what countries we can send this to.

Government Strength 256-bit Encryption
Our 256bit hardware encryption is FIPS 140-2 (Federal Information Processing Standards) (certification number 1471).

This means that NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) has given it a thumbs up, verifying it as strong enough for government use.

Use Encryptor as a Companion to UltraDock v5
UltraDock v5 is the professional choice for quickly connecting bare drives. Lab technicians and field agents in both IT and police agencies use UltraDock v5 every day around the world. Encryptor adds government strength 256-bit encryption to UltraDock v5.


Encryptor, AES256
Encryptor, AES256